Charcoal-grilled foods are some of the best-tasting foods in this world. Yet if you add a smoke box on top of your charcoal grill, you would surely further add flavor to your favorite foods. However, finding the best charcoal grill with smoke box attached is not easy. You need to consider several factors like the type of grill, its size, its design, and many other factors.

Charcoal Grill with Smoker box Attached

Factors to Consider When Buying a Charcoal Grill with Smoker Box Attached

Aa mentioned above, there are several factors that you need to consider when buying a charcoal grill with a smoker box and here are these factors:

Size and Type

There are myriads of charcoal grill models on the market today. Some come with a special smoker box that is attached to the charcoal grill’s side. The box, called “firebox” comes with its lid. While other types come with a smoke box that you can fill with different types of wood. Some come with optional smoke box and may cost less than those with a smoke box attached to them. Charcoal grills also come in vertical or horizontal forms.

So, if you want to buy one of the best charcoal grills for your needs, you should choose something that has a large cooking surface. Something with 500 square inches to make the cooking process easy for you.

Choose Something with Good Design!

Great charcoal grills come with adjustable air vents underneath the burning charcoal area. These vents let you control the heat and temperature of the grill. It also helps oxygen flows into the grill to keep the coal burning. Thus, when buying a grill, you should also consider the position of the vents if they are well-positioned. Carefully consider also the quality of its grates. The grates should be able to withstand intense heat. It should be cast-iron to get the best results. You should also consider its shelves. If you intend to cook vegetables, you should go for something that comes with many cooking shelves. You should also go for stainless steel grills to ensure it can handle intense heat.  

It Should be Easily Transportable!

Some grills don’t have casters or wheels for easy mobility. However, when you buy a grill, you should go for grills with wheels or casters. This will allow you to easily move the grills from one place to another.

Trays and Accessories

You will surely need worktables that readily fold out on each side for extra space for food during, before, and after cooking. You should also choose something that allows for added accessories. Some accessories also include special cooking pans and cooking woks.

How Ashes are Collected!

Beneath the cooking grates, you would put burning charcoals during the grilling process. If there is no ash-collection mechanism underneath, you will surely find it hard to clean the grills after using it. The coals are usually suspended above the area where the ash remains. Thus, if the ashes disposed of easily, then, the coals would burn better, and the air circulation would improve within the grill. Thus, in its design, the ask collection for disposal should be quick and easy.

How to Smoke Food Using a Charcoal Grill?

If you have a charcoal grill, you can enhance the flavor of your food by simply creating a smoker box. Here are some simple steps on how to create your own smoking grill. If your grill doesn’t have a ready-made smoker box, you can then buy a smoker box. You can use this smoker box to enhance the flavor of the meat that you are grilling by putting wood or wood chips onto your disposable smoker box. Each wood can usually add a distinct flavor to the food that you are cooking. You will be needing several handfuls of wood chips during the grilling process.

You should arrange the coals for indirect cooking. You should ensure that one side is cooler than the other side. Then, place the smoker box on top of the coals. If you want to smoke food, you should regulate the temperature of the grill to slow down the cooking process. Lastly, the length of cooking usually depends on which type of meat you are going to cook. If you have money however, the best way is to buy a charcoal grill with smoke box attached to use specifically for smoking food.

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